What you need to know and do about migrating to Google Analytics 4

·March 23, 2023·Blog, Tips and Tutorials·1 min·

What you need to know if you get the following message when you access your Google Analytics account. “On July 1, 2023, this property will stop processing data. Starting in March 2023, for continued website measurement, migrate your original property settings to a Google Analytics 4 (GA4) property, or they’ll be copied for you to an existing GA4 property, reusing existing site tags.”

As of 1 July the old Universal Google Analytics will stop gathering data from your site. If you haven’t upgraded to GA4, now’s the time.

What’s the difference between Universal Analytics and GA4?

Great question! In a nutshell GA4 is way more accurate at reporting and overcomes many of the limitations of its predecessor. If you want the nitty gritty Google gives the lowdown in this article.

How do I know which Analytics I have?

Login to your analytics account here and click “All Website Data” next to the Google Analytics logo. Under the property column, you’ll see your property. A number means GA4 and a UA in front of the number means the Universal Analytics. Google has started automatically generating GA4 properties so if you have this with no data in it, you need to get set up.

How do I get set up with GA4?

There are fantabulous instructions and how to guides on Google Analytics resource page here. Need help getting setting up? Get in touch with us.

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